AC replacement hose set for Vanagon waterboxer

AC hookup solution for Vanagon Subaru conversions

An early EJ22 with a rebuilt compressor, the adapted compressor lines, and hoses hooked up.

The Vanagon production run ended before the automotive industry changed over to R-134a, meaning Vanagons with factory AC came with R-12 hoses and equipment. Many Vanagons were switched over to R-134a usage, still using the original equipment parts, with mixed results since the old R-12 barrier hoses on the late vans typically slowly leak the smaller R-134a refrigerant molecules. Early Vanagons (round headlight) had non-barrier hoses which were even worse! Of course hose technology has come a long way in 30 years, and modern barrier hoses easily contain any kind of automotive refrigerant or oils with permeation rates a tiny fraction of what they used to be. 

Having your Vanagon AC system repaired can be an expensive exercise. Just finding the leak can be time-consuming and a shop replacing the system piece by piece doesn't just dollar you to death, it 700 dollars you to death. Get ahead of the repairs and replace the entire system with these correct-length hoses along with fresh O-rings, which are compatible with the new refrigerant. 

Want a simple DIY solution to update your AC to a modern, leak-free setup? Kits are available for the early and late systems that were delivered on Vanagons. These hoses install via the same routing as the originals-- simply cut out the old hoses in pieces and slide the new ones in along the same path. Unscrew the old hose fittings and screw on these identical new fittings. Complete kits include ALL of the hoses as well as everything behind the closet up to the evaporator.   

An example hose, ready to install.

Kits for stock Vanagon WATERBOXERS connect up to the compressor with the stock disc-type fittings, simply bolting up direct with new o-rings. NO amateur-hour compression fittings or such compromises, the hoses have the proper fitting directly mounted. 

For Vanagons with SUBARU conversions, compressor adapters convert the stock Subaru hoses to a leak-free OEM-style connection. Provide your own compressor hoses for exchange or pay a reasonable core charge, either way get the parts quickly. Any compressor, no matter what year Subaru, can get a solid and simple, easy-to-use connection. 

Hoses are constructed out of Goodyear hose with bubble crimp flares and O-ring sealed connections, just like automobile manufacturers use. Again, no compromises such as compression fittings or clip-style assembled connections, these are professional grade parts at a reasonable price. 

Pricing varies with the type of van. All hose kits include a receiver/dryer and expansion valve. Pricing is the same for Vanagon waterboxer or Vanagon with Subaru conversion. 

Rear AC systems: 
Early systems, usually up through 85, price is $670 
Late systems with the two dials integrated into the dash, mostly 86 and up, price is $790, again this includes everything up behind the closet to the evaporator. 

Front AC systems: 
Pricing should be close to the price for early rear systems, please contact us to discuss it. 
Behr in-dash AC 
Front overhead AC