“We’ve just driven about 6000 miles from Virginia all the way up through the States, up through the Canadian Rockies, and we now went to Fairbanks and all the way up to the Arctic Circle…Thanks to Keith and Hans from Valley Westy for working on the camper and making this trip as enjoyable an adventure as it is. So Hans, thank you so much for the incredible package you put together and Keith, thank you very much for all the work you did getting everything ready, including all the other stuff that wasn’t the Vanaru stuff. We’re having a great time and a lot of it is because we have a really dependable, wonderful VW camper. Thank you guys!”— Tom and Cam of Virginia, install by Valley Westy

Follow their 17,000 mile trip around North America and to the Arctic Circle on their blog!

“We stopped at our local Subaru dealer to show off your work. They knew we were having the conversion done. Anyway we stopped in not expecting much fanfare but the whole repair crew, service personnel and office personnel came out to check out Stella. The mechanics were blown away with your work. They all had their heads in and our of the engine bay, were underneath checking out the manifolds, exhaust…just everything.

We put over 14,000 miles on Stella last summer and at least 10,000 each summer previous. And we don’t coddle her since we’re on Federal land back roads most of the time.” — Rick of New York, install by Hans of Vanaru

Rick spends his summers at a fire lookout in the Oregon back country. His Vanaru Engine System gets him there no problem! Note the angle of his head through the rear window!

“Words cannot express how happy we are with the camper. We had such a good time. She feels so much stronger and sturdier. We thank you so much for your expertise and for not giving us the camper until you were satisfied. Our patience was well worth it.” — Mourka and Miky of New York, install by Valley Westy

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