Vanaru Custom Air-filter Housing

Volkswagen originally kept the air filter boxed up, preventing dirt and engine gunk from quickly ruining your filter, guiding the air from the D-pillar. Many conversions eliminate this necessary element, and leave the filters exposed to the elements and heat. A clogged air filter sucking hot air can seriously starve your engine of one of the key ingredients required for efficient horsepower.  The Vanaru custom air filter housing utilizes the space behind the rear taillight and isolates the air filter from the harsh environment of the engine bay. This not only keeps it clean and functioning properly, but also allows it to pull cool, fresh air directly from the vents Volkswagen originally provided. When it is time to inspect or replace your air filter, the housing is easily pulled out by removing the two nuts on the retaining plate. The filter used in our application is a common, easily replaceable unit.

This 2012 Subaru Legacy intake is channeled toward the driver-side pillar, away from the heat of the engine.

The filter is housed in the Vanaru custom air-box, isolated from the engine compartment, but easily accessible.

Vanaru conversions come with the proper intake plumbing and air filter housing, but the housing can be used in application with most conversions as long as the installer plumbs the intake properly. For the first time, we are offering the air filter housing for individual purchase for those of you with other conversions, but who are looking for a cold air intake solution. The housing is constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic which is laser cut in the USA. The brackets and hardware are all stainless steel and require no modification to your van, rather installation utilizes existing mounting holes in the engine bay.

2012 Subaru Legacy EJ25 with Vanaru intake assembly leading to custom air-box

2012 Subaru Legacy EJ25 with Vanaru intake assembly leading to custom air-box

Intake and air filter housing for EJ25 engines: coming soon

Air filter housing alone: coming soon