Engine Management package for EJ25 DBW Drive-By-Wire

The last series of EJ25 engines used drive-by-wire technology for the accelerator pedal, which means there is no mechanical throttle cable – the accelerator position signal is transmitted by electrical wiring. Vanaru has been providing exclusively drive-by-wire Subaru conversions for Vanagons for over a decade now. Our electronics package has evolved into a setup with unmatched materials, quality and engineering technology, simply the best you can buy. Be sure to compare all of the features and parts you get with other lower-priced offerings. 
The engine computer runs perfectly code free natively with the ECU, without cheater inputs from an interface board. Your ECU runs clean and clear and this enables it to run OBD clean and allows us to use the built-in Subaru cruise control. Valid malfunctions will still generate the appropriate diagnostic codes just like in a subaru car. 
Cruise control can be readily added as an option. All Vanaru wiring comes standardized and pre-wired for it. Vehicles with factory cruise control are easiest to adapt, however we can upgrade any van with the necessary switches and controls. 
Two OBD ports come standard, one in the engine bay to use while diagnosing the engine, and another under the dashboard by the driver's right knee. 
A vehicle speed sensor solution that mounts easily into the factory provision in the back of the speedometer and the integrated wiring for it comes standard with the Vanaru wiring package. Other companies use kits mounted to an axle that are difficult to install, finicky, and exposed to the elements. 
A built-in amplifier allows the tachometer to run perfectly and accurately without dismantling the instrument cluster or installing a modified tachometer core. This comes standard, pre-wired. 
The wiring for air conditioning required to bump up the idle when the compressor is activated is already built-in and run to the compressor and the black box in the engine bay. 
All connectors that are not matching to a stock vanagon plug are done with OEM type sealed connectors, the same as used by the manufacturers. In addition, all terminals on the harness are done with brand new factory terminals crimped onto new wire. All added wire is sourced from Europe to match the factory striping, an example of using only the best materials to match what the original manufacturer supplied. 
The Subaru harness comes with the correct connectors already installed, allowing it to simply plug in to the Vanagon inside the black box, with a fuse for ignition voltage already included. The wiring is color coded to match the stock Vanagon colors. Simply match up the colors and plug the connectors together-- it doesn't even need instructions! 
The accelerator assembly mounts in a stainless steel frame directly underneath the existing Vanagon gas pedal, actuated by a pushrod linkage. This solution eliminates the mechanical throttle cable entirely (except to the transmission on automatic), and is universal for all bodies including Syncros. 
Conventional conversions want to mount the wiring under the back seat like the late 86-91 square-headlight Vanagons. This method by comparison is complicated and difficult to install, especially on campers, which requires negotiating around the furniture. The Vanaru solution has all the wiring mounted in the engine bay and installs easily and cleanly without drilling a hole in the body for the early round-headlight Vanagon and without taking up the already limited space under the back seat. The computer and related electronics mount in a weatherproof box in the right rear tail-light cavity, a method used with complete success for over a decade. Mounting the electronics here in the engine bay allows easy access while working at the engine bay instead of working in a hole under the rear seat. The kit comes with a solid provision to plug the hole in the body under the rear seat for late 86-91 vans. 

This is the exact same technology that goes into the Vanaru Subaru conversion, normally only available as part a full conversion. This setup takes all the guesswork out of drive-by-wire conversions, and lets you buy an engine off the shelf from any salvage yard. The wiring kit works for any Impreza 2006-2011 or Forester 2006-2010 non-turbo engine, regardless of transmission. No Subaru wiring or computer is needed from you, this is a constructed harness that is supplied outright, ready to match to any engine in the range given. In addition, you get integrated hookups like the speed sensor and technology not available elsewhere, like ECU native code-free running and cruise control capability. 

Finished Vanaru conversion showing harness installed

Accelerator module has direct pullrod connection to Vanagon gas pedal

Accelerator module has direct pullrod connection to Vanagon gas pedal

Pricing is as follows:

Standard harness setup as above, includes complete engine management sold outright, throttle assembly, speed sensor, and all body cabling:  $1675 shipped to US addresses.

Cruise Control Options:

Option 1:  Vans with factory cruise:  $125

Option 2:  Automatic vans without factory cruise:  $300

Option 3:  Manual vans without factory cruise:  $350